Which test will tell me if I have Indigenous Australian ancestry?

The lineage of humans is classified by “haplogroups” and “subcladesm” which are true biological relationships of groups of people with shared ancestral roots. Each haplogroup is associated with a specific migration path out of Africa and around the world, resulting in haplogroups that are more predominant in specific regions of the world.

Indigenous Australian haplogroups
Indigenous Australians fall into one of several Haplogroups which are found only in Indigenous Australians. Indigenous Australians belong mtDNA Haplogroups P, Q, R, and S.

Indigenous Australians belong YDNA Haplogroups C, K, M, N, and S.  If you do not fall into one of the Indigenous Australians haplogroups, then you are not Indigenous Australians on that line of your ancestry.

Applying for aboriginal status
If you are applying for aboriginal status, you will need to check with the organization who will be reviewing your report to see if a mtDNA or Y-DNA test with haplogroup results is sufficient for your application.

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Which DNA ancestry test should you order? 
Y-DNA testing will trace one line, and that’s your direct paternal line (father’s father’s father’s……).  Likewise, mtDNA testing will trace one line, and that’s your direct maternal line (mother’s mother’s mother’s……).

To find out how to test various lines in your ancestry by testing other family members, you can sign up for a free tree account at www.familytreedeveloper.com. As you build your tree, the family tree tool will tell you which line you will be able to trace by testing yourself and which lines you will be able to trace by testing other living family members.

The Standard ancestry tests for tracing either the paternal or maternal line is US$119 plus shipping. For more information about the Y-DNA paternal and mtDNA maternal ancestry tests and/or to place an order, please visit the following link: