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Our comprehensive STR fragment analysis and Sanger Sequencing DNA Ancestry tests are capable of providing many more additional features than a basic ancestry test

Access over 100 Free Ancestry Web Apps with a Single Ancestry DNA Test

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Professional Quality Ancestry Test.
More Features than Any Other Ancestry Test.

Ancestry search tools

  • Access Included for Over 100 Powerful Ancestry Search Tools with every Ancestry Test
  • Discover Much More About Your DNA Story
  • Each Ancestry Web App is Based on the Latest Publish Scientific Studies using both STR and SNP Markers
  • No Monthly Subscription, No Membership Fees!

Find out if You have Royal Blood

  • Explore Your Royal Family Links
  • World’s Most Comprehensive Database of Famous Historical Figures
  • Take Your Ancestry to the Next Level with the Same Markers the Pros Use
  • With MORE Features and MORE Markers

Are You Linked to World Leaders?

  • Looking to do More with Your DNA? Try One of Our Clinical Quality Ancestry Tests
  • We Test Core CODIS Markers. The Same Ones the Pros Use
  • Trace Recent Ancestral Events with Fast Mutating DNA Markers
  • Find & Connect with People from Around the World 
  • All Web Apps Based on Published Scientific Studies

Join one of our Dynamic dna projects

  • Ongoing Updates as New Discoveries are Made
  • Search our Extensive Database for Direct Maternal/Paternal Lines
  • Printable DNA Certificates in 18 Different Styles
  • More Markers, More Features, More Power

powerful family matching capabilities

  • Discover the Secrets Hidden in Your DNA
  • Compare your DNA to Famous Forensic Finds
  • Follow the Journey of Your Ancestors Over Time
  • Find the Missing Pieces. Grow Your Family Tree

Let Your Ancestral Journey Begin!

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Pinpoint your paternal and maternal lines

Frustrated that you can’t narrow down your ancestry to specific lines using your basic ancestry test?

Line-tracing is entirely possible using our comprehensive Y-DNA STR fragment analysis test of fast mutating markers to trace your paternal line, and Sanger sequencing of the entire mtDNA hypervariable region to trace your maternal line.

You definitely can’t do that using only a basic DNA chip ancestry test.


Conclusively confirm your family matches

Our laboratory exclusively uses fragment analysis technology to analyze fast mutating STR markers (not the slow mutating SNP markers used in basic ancestry tests). That means that after you find a close family match, you can confirm the match.

This is the same technology used for paternity tests in court and provides >99.99% accuracy for immediate family members.

Need legal documents to update your birth certificate? We can do that too!


World’s only fast mutating ethnic origins DNA database

Fast mutating DNA markers allow you to trace more recent ancestral events along your direct maternal and paternal lines.

Compare your DNA to ethnic and indigenous groups from published geographical studies around the world. Dig deeper into your geographical and ethnic origins on your direct paternal and maternal lines.


Over 100 FREE tools to investigate your family ties 

Investigate over 100 famous family lines and historical events, including royalty, world leaders, and even mass graves.

Curious to see if you may have descended from royalty or are related to a famous world leader?

Compare your DNA profile to over 100 published DNA profiles of Royalty, World Leaders, Forensics Finds and More!


DNA Ancestry Test Features

Ancestry Test


Mitochondrial DNA sequencing

Y-DNA STR fragment analysis

Autosomal STR fragment analysis

Advanced ethnic origins report

Recent ancestry analysis

Ancient ancestry analysis

DNA Ancestry Projects

Relationship match

Relationship confirmation

Free Lifetime Membership & ongoing updates

New features added continuously

Ancestry Test


More Features

Access to over 100 FREE ancestry web apps to help you do more with your DNA

More Markers

Test fast mutating markers used by professionals during forensic investigations

More Precise

Pinpoint a specific lineage along the direct paternal and maternal lines

Constant lifetime free updates

All web apps based on published scientific studies. Ongoing updates as new discoveries are made.
No monthly subscription fees, no membership fees.

How it works

1. Get your DNA Access kit
The swab kit contains everything you need to collect a DNA sample.

2. Sample collection
Collect your DNA using painless mouth swabs. Send back using return package provided.

3. Begin your ancestral journey
Login to view your results and to access dynamic ancestry search tools.


• Family Tree
• DNA Reunion
• DNA Clans


• House of Romanov
• Marie Anotinette
• King Richard III


• Thomas Jefferson 
• Napoleon
• Irish High King Niall

Still have questions?

If I already took an ancestry test will this test tell me more?

Yes. We test fast mutating STR (short tandem repeat) markers, which are different from the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) markers tested in standard ancestry tests. SNP markers can give you more information on deep ancestry from thousands of years ago, whereas STRs are more relevant for tracing recent ancestral events that happened within the past hundreds of years.

Also, with our Y-DNA and mtDNA markers you can pinpoint more accurately your direct maternal and paternal lines, which is not possible with standard ancestry tests. You can also compare your DNA profile to scientifically published DNA profiles of famous people like Marie Antoinette, Genghis Khan, The Romanovs and much more with a DNA Access Ancestry test.

How do I receive my results?

Your results will be available in your secure user account as soon as testing is complete. You can simply log into your DNA account to track progress and to access all available Ancestry Search Tools.

Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limit for testing. DNA is collected by rubbing a brush gently inside the mouth against the cheek for 15 seconds. The collection is safe and painless and can be performed on individuals at any age, including infants.

Who performs the analysis on my DNA data?

DNA Access performs all of the analyses on your DNA data. To get more markers, upgrades can be ordered directly from your DNA Access user account. All prices shown are in U.S. dollars, and all orders will be charged in U.S. dollars.

Can I gift a DNA Ancestry test?

Yes, it would not be a problem to send our DNA Access Kit as a gift. You may specify the name and shipping address you would like to have the test kit sent to when you place your order.

Let your ancestral journey begin!

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