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Founded by PhD scientists our mission is to provide the latest in DNA testing technologies to our clients. Our evidence-based, actionable genetic tests are based on the latest genetic research findings to ensure quality, reliability and innovation.

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Empower yourself by understanding your unique genetic makeup

Your DNA is 99.5% identical to every other person around the world. But it is these small differences known as genetic variants that make each of us unique. Genetic variants have been linked to everything from hair color, to tastes and preferences, to personality, disease risk and ancestry.

A DNA test compares your DNA sequence to a known sequence (called a reference sequence) to identify what different traits and health conditions that are linked to specific variants.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

Disease Prevention

Knowing your risk of disease allows practicing prevention early on

Personalized Treatment

Physicians can use your genetic information to plan personalized treatment options

A Piece of Mind

Eliminates uncertainty, so you can make informed decisions about the future

Plan for the Future

Empower yourself by understanding your own DNA

Take a DNA Access genetic test today to improve your own personal knowledge. Understand what makes you unique, where you came from & how you can tailor your lifestyle to work with your DNA.

Why Choose DNA Access

Simple Sample Collection

Our in-depth genetic analyses are made from DNA samples collected using quick and painless mouth swabs. Sample can be taken from individuals of any age in the privacy of your own home.


We are one of the few labs in the world to receive all prestigious DNA laboratory accreditations: AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC and ISO17025, a testament of commitment to quality.

Accurate Analyses

All DNA analyses are conducted in our fully accredited state-of-the-art laboratory. We offer the highest quality DNA testing services with the highest level of accuracy. All our sequencing and genotyping tests are fully automated. Our protocols ensure that each test is run twice, and our quality system exceeds industry standards.

Informative Reports

Every genetic test includes a full report explaining exactly what your DNA results means to your lifestyle based on the test you have chosen.

Online Access

Access the convenient online status check feature using your secure password and file number to check on the status of your test 24/7. You can also download results as soon as they become available.

100% Confidentiality

Our laboratory takes extreme measures to guarantee your privacy. We ensure that your personal information and genetic data is securely stored, and are not shared with any third party.