Access to countless web apps with a single DNA test. 

All ancestry web apps are FREE with the purchase of an ancestry DNA test. 


DNA Access is a platform that will provide you with innovative DNA products
to help you explore your genetic information.

We provide you with a library of applications pertaining to ancestry, lifestyle, health and disease, behaviours and traits to create a compelling experience for individuals. Our goals is to leverage the power of DNA to provide each user a personalized experience in preventative health and benefit those interested in discovering how DNA affects health, wellness and beyond.

The DNA Access mission is the help drive user engagement and participation with their DNA data by creating new and exciting applications. We offer free as well as pay as you go data access services. We hope to remove the barrier between the complexity of genomics and individuals, to make it easier to understand and obtain new insights, so you can reach further into your own genomics.

How It Works

Get your DNA Access kit
The swab kit contains everything you need to collect a DNA sample.

Sample collection
Collect your DNA using painless mouth swabs supplies provided in the kit. Mail samples back to the lab for testing using the return package provided. 

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