Am I Native American?

One of the main applications of Ancestry testing is finding your ancestral haplogroups.  Since Native American ancestry is strongly associated with certain haplogroups, our DNA ancestry tests allow predictions of Native American heritage.

Maternal Native American Haplogroups
On the maternal side, Native Americans belong to mtDNA haplogroups A, B, C, D and X.  If you do not fall into one of the Native Americans mtDNA haplogroups, then you are not Native Americans on your maternal line.

Paternal Native American Haplogroups
On the paternal side, Native Americans belong to Y-DNA haplogroups Q.  If your Y-DNA Haplogroup is NOT Q, it means that you are not Native American on your direct Paternal lineage.

Applying for aboriginal status?
If you are applying for aboriginal status, you will need to check with the organization who will be reviewing your report to see if a mtDNA or Y-DNA test with haplogroup results is sufficient for your application.

Which ancestry DNA test should you take?
To trace Native American ancestry on your direct paternal lineage (your father’s father’s father’s…. paternal line), you will need to test your Y-DNA, which you inherited from your father.

Trace Your Maternal Line

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To trace Native American ancestry on your maternal lineage (your mother’s mother’s mother’s…. maternal line), you will need to test your mtDNA,  which you inherited from your mother.

The Standard ancestry tests for tracing either the paternal or maternal line is US$119 plus shipping. For more information about the Y-DNA paternal and mtDNA maternal ancestry tests and/or to place an order, please visit the following link: