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Personalized Diet for Weight Loss

Are you ready to tap into gut microbiome to lose pounds?

What is the Y-DNR STR test?

The Y-DNA STR tests are often used in ancestry, paternity and forensic testing…

What variation occurs in the mtDNA?

The most common type of mutation or variation found in mtDNA is called a “SNP”…

How do haplogroups tell me where my ancestors came from?

The lineage of humans is classified by “haplogroups” and “subclasses”…

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What will the Celiac disease DNA test results tell me?

Celiac disease is a systemic immune disease which causes inflammation…

What will the Alzheimer’s Disease DNA test results tell me?

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder characterized initially by memory loss…

What is the Promiscuity gene?

The promiscuity gene is a genetic variant of the DRD4 gene…