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Genetic testing gives you information about your DNA. They detect genetic variants or changes in your DNA that may impact your health. Let your genes guide your choices for health and prevention.

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We offer an array of web Apps to help you discover more. Trace your ancestral roots, understand your genetic health risks, build your family tree and more!

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Unlimited access to over 100 DNA web apps. Order your DNA test through one of our affiliates to get started today.

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Free family tree building, sharing and storage solutions. Organize your family photos, tag ancestors and arrange your family albums.

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Learn more about the latest developments in the field of DNA, genetics and genomics. Visit one of our learning hubs.

The Power of DNA

Your DNA is what makes you who you are.  It is the code for everything about you, from your hair colour, to your tastes and preferences, to your sporting ability and personality, to your risk of disease. We inherit our DNA from our parents, and we each have a unique DNA profile.

On average, your DNA sequence is 99.5% similar to any other human. However, it is this 0.1% difference or variance that makes you unique.

Understanding your genetic variants can help you to identify health complications, so you can be proactive early on. Knowledge of your DNA can help you to improve your health, lose weight, and even optimize your nutrition and fitness. Your DNA is also the link to your family and all of your ancestors.

Choose the Genebase advantage to make informed decisions today for a healthier future tomorrow.

Let us help you make informed decisions, improve outcomes and make a difference in the lives of patients.

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Our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited DNA testing lab is one of the oldest in North America. We take pride in offering the latest technologies in genetic testing, highly automated sample processing and highest level of quality control to deliver superior results.

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