Information for Resellers

Genovate offers three options for Resellers of the Genovate DNA testing products:

Pay for the DNA collection kit and all lab fees at the time of purchase

Order DNA collection kits for minimal upfront costs (lab fees excluded)

Offer legally admissible DNA relationship tests from your business

Genovate has bright and informative test kit boxes available for all of our genetic tests. This is an excellent option for Resellers to create their own retail display or place the boxes in Genovate’s custom-designed counter top displays.

Resellers of Genovate DNA tests can choose from two options:
  • Prepaid. Purchase kits at the Reseller rate (includes all lab fees) and sell at the suggested retail price.
  • Kit Only. Order collection kits (excludes lab fees). Labs fees are paid either at the time-of-sale (by the Reseller) or after purchase (by the Consumer).*
Benefits Disadvantages
Prepaid No later fees for the Reseller
No extra fees for the Consumer
High upfront costs
Increased loss if stolen
Kit Only Low upfront costs
Reduced loss if stolen
Lab fee must be paid either at the time-of-sale (by the Reseller) or after purchase (by the Consumer)*

Getting started as a Reseller of Genovate DNA Tests:
  1. Sign up for a Reseller Account
  2. Log in to your Reseller Account) to see the discounted rates available to our Resellers. Order the required test kits, supplies, displays, marketing materials and brochures. Genovate will ship the supplies directly to your business.
  3. Display and sell the Genovate test kits. Your customers can follow the instructions enclosed in each kit for sample collection and testing.
*If you order the Kit Only option and elect to sell to your consumer at the suggested retail rate (including lab fees), you are responsible for paying the lab fee at the time-of-sale. Payment is online through your Reseller account. Alternatively, if you choose to sell the collection kit only (excluding lab fees) at a minimal fee, the consumer will pay the lab fees during the online kit activation process.

Any questions? Contact us at

Legal DNA Relationship Tests are intended for use in court to prove or disprove a biological relationship. DNA samples for Legal DNA tests must be collected following strict chain-of-custody procedures at an approved legal collection facility.

Would you like to become an approved legal collection facility and offer legal DNA tests to your clients?
Please contact us at

Requirements for a Legal Collection Facility:
  • Qualified sample collector (e.g. health professional or lawyer) to collect and witness collection of the DNA sample. All training is provided by the testing laboratory.
  • Secure storage for DNA samples before they are collected by a courier
  • Photocopier
  • Official Chain-of-Custody DNA Sample Collection Kit provided by the testing laboratory
Chain-of-Custody DNA Sample Collection Kit:
This kit contains sample collection and witnessing supplies for collecting DNA samples for up to 40 cases. This kit can be stored indefinitely at room temperature.
Kit contents:
  • Sterile buccal (mouth) swabs
  • Legally Admissible DNA Test Requisition Forms
  • Individually barcoded envelopes for returning samples for testing
  • Finger printing supplies
  • Complete sample collection and witnessing instructions
Instructions for Legal DNA Testing:
  1. Schedule an appointment with the family members for the chain-of-custody DNA sample collection. The clients must be instructed to bring two pieces of legal identification and a recent passport-sized photograph to the appointment.
  2. At the appointment: Complete the Legally Admissible DNA Test Requisition Form provided in the sample collection kit, ensuring that the requested DNA test type is selected. Obtain the DNA samples from your clients, following the chain-of-custody sample collection instructions provided in the sample collection kit. Courier the DNA samples and witnessing documentation to our testing laboratory.
  3. Include the lab fee with the samples or log in to your Reseller Account to pay the lab fee online.
All lab fees must be paid in full before DNA testing begins. For questions about collecting DNA samples and paying lab fees, contact us at

DNA Sample Collection and Witnessing Fees:
A chain-of-custody DNA sample collection and witnessing fee is an additional fee charged to clients who require a legal DNA test. This fee is collected and retained by the Reseller. Typically Resellers charge a chain-of-custody DNA sample collection and witnessing fee of $20 to $100 per individual.